Sarah Tahamont


Current Projects

The effect of mandatory minimum punishments on the efficiency of criminal justice resource allocation (with Steve Raphael)

The effect of facility security classification on serious rules violation reports in California prisons: a regression discontinuity design

Not so conservative after all: Exact matching and attenuation bias in randomized experiments (with Zubin Jelveh, Shi Yan, Aaron Chalfin, and Ben Hansen)

Specialization and criminal careers: Integrating time & memory (with Kyle  Thomas, Shi Yan and Tom Loughran)

Incarceration as a (re)turning point: Investigating arrest trajectories before and after prison (with Nicole Frisch)

The effect of the New York City Summer Youth Employment Program on criminal justice outcomes (with Judd Kessler, Alex Gelber and Adam Isen)

Recent Publications

A Tale of Two Margins: Exploring the Probabilistic Processes that Generate Prison Visits in the First Two Years of Incarceration.

Journal of Quantitative Criminology

With: Audrey Hickert and Shawn Bushway

Modeling long term criminal careers: what happened to the variability?

Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency

With Shawn Bushway

Pathways to Prison in New York State

Criminology and Public Policy

With: Shi Yan, Shawn Bushway and Jing Liu